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Editors in Chief

Paris LeClaire

Paris ​(she/they) is a creative writing & literature undergrad at the University of Michigan. In writing, she values the radical and surreal. In reading, she enjoys Sandra Cisneros flash fiction and boring novels about the American Mid/West. Find them @parisleclaire on X.

Thanisha Chowdhury

Thanisha (she/her) is a high school senior from Northern Virginia. She is especially interested in the shape of language in fiction and enjoys writing experimental works. When not writing, Thanisha is probably playing Sims 4 or trying to memorize a world map.​

Jacqueline Xiong

Jacq (she/her) is a Chinese-American writer from Houston, USA. She is particularly interested in expressions of reality in fiction. In her free time, she enjoys researching history, coding, and watching K-dramas.

Design Editor

Celina Naheed

Celina is an Iranian American writer and artist in Atlanta. When she's not over annotating books or washing paint off her hands, she enjoys cuddling with her super mutt while watching old movies and falling down Spotify rabbit holes.

Art Editor

Shreya Sutaria

Shreya (she/her) is a high school student and emerging creative from India. She loves artistic expression, whether it takes shape in the form of visual art, writing, film, or any other medium. When she isn't reading the same book for the 10th time or crying over BTS' discography, you'll find her baking (and burning) her favorite cookies.

Staff Artists and Journal Illustrators

Safiyya Mohamed

Safiyya (she/her) is a creative writer and nature photographer—specialties include short stories and poems, and flowers and macro insects, respectively. She also dabbles in a variety of art mediums, like painting, woodcrafting, ceramics, origami, embroidery, and nearly anything she can get her hands on. She loves animated short films, dark fiction, and—more than anything else in the world—puns.

Kinnereth Din

Kinnereth (she/her) is an emerging artist, poet, and author obsessed with storytelling and creative expression. Thus, you can usually find her scribbling away in an old composition book, cleaning her dirty paintbrushes, or considering the shape of the clouds. When she isn't pursuing art or poetry, however, you can find her occupying her time daydreaming or having yet another cup of tea.

Audri Rianna

Audri (she/her) is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She studied art for 12 years, and like all diligent students, only realized that she didn't actually hate illustrating the day she graduated. Now, she spends her days doodling and trying as many new experiences as possible. Side quests are more fun anyways.

Blog Editors

Nickolas Vaccaro

Nickolas (he/him) aims to reflect contemporary politics and culture and to explore what it means to be a person, to be at once an individual and a part of a society and a world. He is interested in the intersection of poetry with other genres, and the ways in which language and literature evolve and innovate. He enjoys studying early modern literature and the development of the play in medieval Europe. Nickolas most enjoys writing poetry, plays and innovative prose. Selections of his poetry have appeared in Paper Crane Journal (Vol. 1, Issue 4 and Vol. 2, Issue 1). When he's not writing or reading you will find him attempting to exercise or watching all the movies Olivia Colman starred in.

Rue Huang

Rue (she/her) is a writer from the Mid-Atlantic. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Alliance, Aster Lit, The Blue Marble Review, and TribLive, among others. She currently contributes as photography editor & opinion writer for her school newspaper. While she’s not consuming her body weight in blueberries, you can find her debating something philosophical with friends, or running with her track team! 

David Coppin Lanegan

David is a musician, journalist, and writer living in rural Washington. You can find him on the corner shooting the breeze, getting home late, or happy in Frenchman’s Coulee.

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