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Meet the Contributors of Issue 2: Flight

We had some fantastic contributors to the second issue of our literary journal, which you can view here. Here's a few of them.



​Charlotte, aka Charli, is a 12 year old artist from New Jersey. Her pronouns are She/her, and she had been previously featured in a art show by Avenue Black for woman’s rights month, and will soon be featured in a show called Don’t Fit In, in Philadelphia, June 12th. The selected piece is the feeling of closure; knowing that everything (even if not now) will be okay. In her free time, she likes to write, paint, and explore forests.



Tanvi Nagar is a high school senior at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. She has been writing for the past eight years and is passionate about public speaking, travelling, playing sports and reading. She has contributed to national newspapers like The Times of India and Hindustan Times; journals like Flare Journal, The Weight Journal, Nymphs Publications, Secret Attic, Hebe Poetry and Anti-Heroin Chic and anthologies like The Last Flower of Spring and Riding on a Summer Train by Delhi Poetry Slam; The Great Indian Anthology by Half Baked Beans and She the Shakti by Authors Press. She is the former Editor of her school, currently edits for Ice Lolly Review and Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine and is the present Head Girl of her school’s student council. She has authored four books titled, Metamorphosis, A Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland, A Bountiful of Rhythmic Stories and My Book of Short Stories and Poems. She has also won the Eye Level Literary Award 2018 by Daekyo South Korea, The Create Change Challenge by The University of Queensland, Australia and the Millennial Essay Writing Contest by UNESCO. She has also worked on in-depth research projects with the Boston Latin School, USA and the Wayne College, USA. She loves solving maths problems and her favourite singer is Halsey! She believes kindness is the best way of life. Her website is



Charlotte Ligtenberg is a 15 year old photographer from Toronto. She's always had an eye for art and has been experimenting with photography for about two years. She runs her own photography business and has big dreams of one day being a world renowned photographer. That being said, she's always learning and growing but could not be more proud of her progress so far.


Evelyn Combs (she/her) is a sophomore from Norman, Oklahoma. Besides writing she enjoys reading, playing the viola, and learning about animals. She has previously been published in issue nine of Ice Lolly Review.



Dimasilaw (he/him) is an artist and writer from the Philippines who loves literature in translation and Biblical exegesis. His work is published or forthcoming in The Hearth and Pollux Journal, among others.



Hello 大家好 (๑╹◡╹)ノ” My name is Yutong Yang. I am a high school junior born and raised in the seaside boomtown of Shenzhen, China. My pronouns are she/her. I serve on an international council advocating for our oceans, hoping to bridge languages and cultures while engaging in creative advocacy. I contribute to 360° of Opera®, a social media platform dedicated to promoting opera & the performing arts to a wide audience. Please stay tuned for a #Pride interview series spotlighting 3 wonderful queer artists. x



Claire Kim is a freelance and aspiring writer, currently sixteen. Her thoughtful voice, tinged with a smidge of humour, shines throughout her works leaving a stamp of authenticity behind. Her works include: (short story) “For every lost ‘if only…’” as well as articles throughout Australian Catholics magazine since May 2020. She is a firm believer that a book and muffins is all you need to melt someone’s heart. You can contact her at; email -



Holly Zijderveld (she/her) is a writer and student, currently living in the UK. She collects many miscellaneous vintage paper things. You can find her online @hollyzijderveld



Elsie Leatham is a young emerging artist. She lives on a farm in Australia. Being creative is her favourite thing to do, she loves finding new ways to express herself. Elsie is only 13 years old and is still going through school, but when she is older, she wants to be either an Artist or a Film maker.



I am Marriott Witney, am sixteen years old and I live in southern England. I love to read, draw, play guitar and compete in various types of sport other my favourite being karate. My favourite bands are probably the Smiths, The libertines, Mando Diao and My Chemical Romance which I listen to when I’m creating my art. This is my first published piece and I am super proud of how this piece turned out. I love pop-culture and was heavily inspired by some of Tim Burtons work for this piece so I am extremely happy that I was able to create a spooky and graphic piece in this style.



Kirby Wilson is a seventeen year old senior at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities. They have been previously recognized by the YoungArts Foundation, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and the Bennington Young Writers Awards. Their work is featured in or forthcoming in Peach Mag, Polyphony Lit, and Fish Barrel Review.


Ezefili Ruth 🇳🇬


First poem Depreciation




Marybel Elfar is a 16 year old artist and photographer living in the United States. (she/her) She loves to read in her free time, as well as take photos and paint. She has been previously published in the New York Times digitally and in print, as well as on the award winning Threshold Podcast.​



He resides in Calabar, Nigeria. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous places, including Eboquills, Kahalari Review, Rough Cut Press, DoteofFlane, The Madrigal Press, Fiction Niche, Okadabooks (an anthology titled Christmas and Candlelight), Aceworld Publishers, Brittle Paper, and elsewhere.​



Ajay Sawant studies English Literature and Journalism at the University of Delhi. The poetry editor at Antistrophe Quarterly Review, he has received honourable mention for Christopher Hewitt Poetry Award 2021. His poems have been published or are forthcoming in LiveWire News, A&U: America’s Art & Understanding Magazine, Hawaii Pacific Review, Xavier Review, The Bombay Review, Modern Poetry in Translation (mpT), The Louisville Review, Lunch Ticket and Rattle among many others. Ajay often tweets at @ajaycycle



Hudson Warm (she/her/hers) is a sophomore at Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York. In December of 2020, she published her young adult fantasy novel, Not the Heir. Her poetry, short stories, and flash fiction have been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and have appeared in the Weight Journal, Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, and more. She's also a singer-songwriter, with songs available on most musical platforms. Hudson is an editor for Polyphony Lit and The Vision, Hackley School's literary magazine.​



Meily Tran (she/her) is an incoming college freshman from Southern California. Most of her works are first drafted at 1 AM and are inspired by her tragic sapphic love life, sporadic identity crises, and beloved pet chihuahua. Twice a week or so, she rambles on twitter at @tran_scendence.​



Umang Dhingra is a 16-year old writer from India who uses she/her pronouns. Her work can be found in numerous publications, scraps of paper around the house, and her family's WhatsApp group. She usually writes about being a brown girl from India, about her family, and what her mother calls, 'little explosions of sadness.' She aspires to be a writer, a researcher and a professor, and everything in between.​



Sophie Chiang is a high schooler by day and a poet by night. She is an advocate for environmental awareness and social justice, which she addresses through surrealist poetry. When she is not writing, she enjoys retail therapy and curating Spotify playlists. Sophie is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Aurora Journal (, and you can find her at​



Mira Jiang is a seventeen-year-old high school junior from Coppell, Texas. Her work has been published by or is forthcoming in Flash Fiction Online, Paper Lanterns, Hobart, and the Rising Phoenix Review and recognized in contests from the Poetry Matters Project and the Geek Partnership Society. She can often be found reading in trees or dancing in empty studio rooms.​


Kate Choi is a high school sophomore living in Seoul, South Korea. Her writing has been recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the Seoul International Women's Association, and more. Additionally, she has work published or forthcoming in Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, The Hearth Magazine, and After Dinner Conversation, among others.​



Kore is a student, aspiring writer and persistent dreamer. Never seen without a book in her hands, she can often be found exploring a new world. Currently based in Southeast Asia, she hopes to someday embark on an adventure of a lifetime.​



Matt Hsu is a junior at San Francisco University High School in San Francisco, California. He works as a poetry/prose editor at Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine and The Formula. Currently he's working on a new adult novel about a lonely assassin. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and eating dark chocolate.​



Syna Majumder (she/they) is a high schooler from India who loves to write about terrible people. Her work has been published in school magazines and a local newspaper as well as recently winning a country-spanning Essay writing competition. You can find them @fuzz_pedals on Instagram.​

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