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Meet the Contributors of Issue IV

Below are the names of some of the contributors of Issue IV: Memory.


Kayleigh Sim

Twitter: @kayleighsim_

Instagram: @kake_leigh

Kayleigh Sim is a Southeast Asian writer living in San Diego, California, and is currently an Executive Editor for Polyphony Lit. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Interstellar Lit, Aster Lit, The Global Youth Review, Clandestine Lit, The Augment Review, Pollux Journal, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, and elsewhere. Her debut chapbook, "moongazing, ephemerally," is forthcoming with Ethel Press in June 2022. She tweets @kayleighsim_ .


Instagram: @booksbeforeblood

Deeti Gupta (she/her) is a 19 year old Indian. In her free time, she likes to read, play battle royale games, and sing out-of-tune karaoke. She is a BA student and plans to major in English Literature. Deeti writes in order to subtly express her innermost thoughts and to hone her writing skills.

Chiu-yi Rachel Ngai

Instagram: @rachelll_ngaicy

Chiu-yi Rachel Ngai (she/her) is a writer from Hong Kong currently living in Arkansas. She has very fond memories of playing with bamboo dragonflies on rooftops, streetsides, and parks with her cousins, which inspired her piece. She works for Seaglass Literary, Intersections Magazine, Project Said, and Footnotes, her school's literary magazine. When she's not reading or writing, she can be found translating cdramas for her friends, playing music, or doing jigsaw puzzles.

Doeun (Jessica) Kim

Doeun (Jessica) Kim is a 15 year old, born in South Korea and currently living in the Philippines. Her work has been published or are forthcoming in Isacoustic, One Art, and Sledgehammer Lit among others. Aside from writing, she enjoys taking contemporary dance classes.


Instagram: @wheathoiyan

"Words were different when they lived inside you" - Benjamin Alire Saenz

As an artist, I strive to create a safe space of comfort and compassion. I often use my own words I've kept inside me in my art in the rare chance that someone else will also have had the same, or similar words kept inside them. I believe that words hold so much power, and were, as the quote above suggests, definitely different when they lived inside you.

Nickolas Vaccaro

Nickolas Vaccaro lives in New York City.

Hiba Naeem


I am sixteen years old from Pakistan. I started doing art in 2018 . My favourite medium is acrylic. I can do sketches, acrylic, watercolour and digital. In my paintings there are some warm emotions that I want to convey to others to as well . I am eager to learn and I want to spread happiness and comfort through my painting.

Moore Queri

Twitter: @moorequeri

Moore Queri is a burgeoning and burdened literature student who rifles through academic papers and novels for loose inspiration. Though they write horrors inspired by 'The Twilight Zone' and Satoshi Kon, they always approach the grotesque with a reluctant 'Who's Line' smile. A newcomer to escaping the drafts folder, their works have appeared/forthcoming on Gantala Press, Outlander Zine & Koening Zine. Find them on Twitter @moorequeri.

Nikolai Crowder


Nikolai Crowder is a seventeen year old poet based in the United States. They have been writing for seven years, and have been published in various literary magazines and contests. This work represents a love unreachable, and a gentle love in nature. In their free time, they enjoy playing video games and listening to Vocaloid.

Dhwanee Goyal

Instagram: @theresahoney

Twitter: @pparallell

Dhwanee Goyal is sixteen and getting through life one donut at a time. An editor-in-chief of Indigo Literary Journal, her poems appear or are forthcoming in Foglifter Journal, Barrelhouse, ​Variant Literature, and more. Her micro-chapbook 'Kasauli Daydreams' is out from Ghost City Press. Find her on Twitter @pparallell.

Viktoria Elessar

Instagram: @rach_miller25

Viktoria Elessar (nom de plume for Rachel Miller) is a freshman in high school hailing from Southern Oregon who loves to play piano, read by candlelight, and write. Her work has been published in Potted Purple, We Write Here, and the Love Letter Project of the Ice Lolly Review. You can find her on write the world (viktoria elessar) and instagram (@rach_miller25).

Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen (he/him) is a seventeen-year-old writing and living in northern California. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing, tennis, and chess. He loves reading his classics and occasionally, horror.

Ziyaad Shaboodien


​Ziyaad Shaboodien (he/him) is a 17 year old student residing in Cape Town, South Africa. He has written non-fiction essays on topics such as mental health, sexuality and identity. He has also dabbled in fiction essays such as "Summer and silence" - a philosophical analysis of autonomy through the lense of a camera (quite literally). All of his essays, along with other writings, can be found on his website ( For Ziyaad, "dementia of a darling's ghost" is about someone constantly living their favourite memory over and over and over, but each time the details get blurrier. Eventually, the person has to decide whether or not it is better for them to pretend to be enamored by a slipping lifetime or to accept the complete loss of their happiness. In this, Ziyaad sees the acceptance of an unbridled pain as a necessity for pleasure; one can only be free if one opens oneself to the atrocious yet beautiful universe. In a similar fashion, Ziyaad debates competitively in his free time - often trying to understand some philosophical aspect of the motions he receives. He reads up on ideas and concepts he finds interesting, often explored through the use of fiction. He's an avid music lover and sings at shows during his free time. Ultimately, however, he cares for creating conversation. He wants to create spaces in which people engage with each other on various topics, notably in the area of social justice. For him, bringing about some form of positive change is what fuels his every move.

Ridhima Munjal

Twitter: @ridhimawrites

Ridhima Munjal (she/her) is a sixteen-year-old student from India. Apart from writing, she has a keen interest in reading books, and learning about outer space. Her work has also been published in Outlander Magazine. You can find her @ridhimawrites on twitter.

Michelle Masood

Instagram: @p3rsecutie

Michelle Masood is the bird pecking at your window, please let her in. When she's not in the library or her bedroom, she can be found lying on the floor or complaining. She's a 14-year-old student living in BC with her family and her dog. She wants her poems about growing up and kissing to rattle around in your head for days & bring you through your own memories

Shani M

Instagram: @x_snblomqi1_x

My name is Shanae Martins and I am 16 years old. I am proud to say that I live in South Africa, it's such a beautiful place. I exercise, go for walks, study (I'm taking a course to teach english as a foreign language) and sketch take lots of photos in my free time. My publication called Blissful means a lot to me because I love capturing the little moments in life, such as sunrises, birds sitting and singing in trees, etc. It's those little, ordinary things in life that have beauty in it and that makes living more delightful and full of joy. I think we should be grateful for the little things and just take some time out of our days to appreciate it. It makes life a little more sweet, and a little more blissful.


Mila is a student living in New York, with an interest in Illustration and Photography. Being a self-taught artist, she constantly strives to expand and improve her artistry. In her free time, she enjoys room makeovers and gushing over her cats


Mora is a 14 year old who likes photography. She believes that anything you see is a good picture, it just depends on the viewer's perspective. Mora spends her free time doing arts and crafts or baking chocolate chip cookies!

Homaira Khorshed

Instagram: akuma_art_shop

Homaira was born in Abu Dhabi in UAE in 24 October, 2007. Her pronouns are She/Her. Her original home country is Bangladesh. Having been travelling to and fro from her birth country to her home country and vice versa, she developed an interest towards human life and the very concept of it. She saw her birth country through cool, dark colours and her home country through warm, light colours. Both so contrasting yet so connected to each other. That's when she first started taking a liking to the colours, black and white, the perfect colours to explain the phenomenon of life. She started researching more in depth about everything. She found solutions to many problems and received alot of knowledge in the process. She tried to find ways to describe the discoveries she made through various ways but found Art to be the best way. That's how she started trying out different mediums of art but found painting to be the most exciting of them all. 'Monochrome Life' was her first art that would voice out her thoughts about life and holds a very dear part of her heart. She has no professional experiance and relies on her knowledge and instincts to construct her art. She also did not have enough confidence to showcase her artwork, so, this is her first time showing her art to the world. Other than that, she is courageous and dosen't fear to try new things out.

A. Gahyun Shin

​Annie Shin (she/hers) is an 18-year-old high school graduate from Pennsylvania. "Do Not Forgive Me When I Go" is a poem inspired by her relationships, hopes, and fears which have been touched by Alzheimer's disease and other chronic illnesses.

Michelle Makota

​Michelle Makota (she/her) is an 18 year old girl born and raised in South Africa. When she is not writing she can be found drinking tea or down an obscure Wikipedia wormhole. The Past Is a Pebble in My Shoe is symbolic of her coming of age and she hopes that it does well in reflecting transitory phases of anyone who comes across it.

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